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The necropoli of Colle Vaccaro

A warrior is the protagonist here. His remains were preserved in an exceptionally large tomb: it was three and a half metres long!
For the purpose of the journey to the afterlife, a whole armour had been put in the tomb to indicate the utmost importance of the social role of the deceased: a bronze helmet with crest attachments to make the warrior figure more impressive; greaves to protect legs during attacks; javelin points to attack from a long distance; long spear points for close combat; an extremely long sword that was for leaders only; and two pieces of disc armour decorated with feral, fantastic beasts.
However, the valiant warrior is chieftain in times of war and times of peace. And there it is. Everything that is needed for a banquet with fellow soldiers had been put in the tomb: skewers to grill meat; a cauldron to cook tougher pieces of meat; vessels for drawing beverages from and for drinking; even a grater for cheese.
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