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The gold century

Picenes achieved their amount of success in the 6th century BC: the number of villages grew, and the amount of grave goods increased.
Picenum tended to retain shapes and styles both of jewellery and weapons; this characteristic reveals a society that is organised in a rather rigid way. 
Personal equipment in tombs of men remained extremelly sober, but the number of ornaments in the tombs of women grew. A sort of traditional costume was established in every area, and this allows us to recognise foreign women from their different clothing style in the smallest villages. 
However, at the moment of their most significant economic and demographic growth, Picenes did not seem to be ready to merge together. For this reason, while Tyrrhenian civilisations had successfully organised in cities, Adriatic civilisations remained steadily in a proto-urban state with the population scattered around small villages.
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