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We know very little about Picenes’ cults.  The ancients talked about the veneration of Diomedes by the people of Ancona. They considered him the founder of Adriatic cities. They mostly mentioned the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Cupra that was founded by Etruscans and restored by the emperor Adrian. The temple, whose exact location is still uncertain, must have had a crucial political role too.

The most ancient pieces of evidence of the cult seem to be linked to the area of Cupra Marittima (AP); a stipe votiva, which is a deposit of objects consacrated to deities, had been found and cointained hundreds of miniature pots that are reproductions of household items. This discovery seemed to be linked to a cerimony to enstablish a connection with the afterlife.

Under the former convento dell’Annunziata (Convent of the Annunciation) in Ascoli, an earthenware decoration that depics Potnia Theròn (Mistress of Animals) seems to link the most ancient sacred urban area to another famous feminine deity of the Picene pantheon that is called Ancharia. This link is yet to be confermed.
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