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Among Picene and Villanovan peoples

The Picene necropoli from the end of the 9th century BC are an essential source of knowledge of this civilisation.

Picenes buried their dead in pits that were sort of rectangular in shape. These pits were excavated in the ground, and had occasionally the bottom covered in gravel. In these pits, they placed the most representative objects that the deceased had during life. Precious jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, fibulas (brooches to fasten clothes); or shiny bronze weapons such as swords and spearpoints, which indicated the different degrees of wealth and social prestige.  
The burial rite was different in the necropoli of the city centre of Fermo.  Here, cremation is practised, at least in the most ancient phases. This is a sign of the presence of the Villanovan culture whose evidence was found in the 19th century even in a small area in northern Abruzzo between the streams Vibrata and Salinello, which is characterised by the presence of broad bronze belt in relief.
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